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Internet Education Alliance

“You will get everything you want in life,

if you just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar  **words we live by


Seminars / Webinars / Educational Material / Consulting available for:

Business, Schools, Organizations, Clubs, Entrepreneurs


  • Website Design and Creation
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Social Media /Facebook training
  • Online ethical behavior / Permanent Memory
  • Mobile Computing training
  • Internet Marketing
  • Google Tools

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Problem: Society holds parents, educators and school administrators responsible for the online behavior of young people. However, students often have a greater understanding and capability to navigate the Internet, without the knowledge and maturity to participate in responsible online behavior. Parent and Educators are ill equipped to monitor and educate the young people in their care. Internet Education Alliance is dedicated to increasing knowledge about responsible behavior online and how to safe-guard and monitor online activities of dependents.

Solution: Internet Education Alliance provides seminars, webinars, and educational material to schools, professional organizations and corporations. In addition to providing education, IEA provides the framework for schools and organizations to craft Internet Use Policy and Responsible Behavior Contracts for social media. Sponsored presentations are free to qualifying schools and not for profit organizations.



Consulting & Presentations

  • Business Web training
  • Google Tools
  • Internet Marketing

Website Creation

Wordpress & Resume’ Sites

  • Works step by step with business owners
  • Training and Set up of Website, design and images
  • Set up to host your site and manage your own content


Google Analytics

  • Google Dashboard to measure website traffic
  • Google Places Set up and Analytics training
  • Finally know if your marketing is working!

 Facebook Training

Facebook Insights Measurement

  • Set up and training of Business Facebook page
  • Integration of Facebook links and Like Buttons in website
  • Training in Facebook Insights Analytics



Tracey Conn, VP of

“Christina is a crazy awesome creative thinker who shares her knowledge (and she has a lot) of internet marketing and social media with grace. I love to listen to her talk about technology and the internet – she is extremely passionate about all of them and understands how they fit together and how to use them to be successful. Her passion to help educators and parents understand social media so that they can communicate with their children and ensure cyber-bulling is not happening at their house or school is awesome! I wish her all the best in this new venture – I know she’ll do great!” February 7, 2012


Saul SHAPIRO, Chief Communication Officer at Wartburg College

“Christina was a regular speaker for my Media Marketing and Management class at Wartburg College and was always among the students’ favorites with her high-energy and authoritative presentations. Not only is she highly knowledge about the latest developments in cyberspace, she looks for their applications in daily lives. Given how all the technological changes can be anxiety inducing, the students were very attentive and eager to learn about how the Internet can be integrated into their careers as well as what pitfalls to avoid. Christina is very engaging and knows her stuff.” October 7, 2011


Bruce Clark, Vice President, Liberty Bank 

“Christina worked hard to develop her communication skills while we were both members of Waterloo Speechmasters. Her energy and enthusiasm was contagious and made her a very positive influence and great resource for other members. She will be successful because of her work ethic and strong passions for effective communication.” October 4, 2011


Davin Bass, Owner, Western Type & Graphics, Inc.

“Whether speaking at a seminar or webinar, building great websites or just in conversation, Christina’s passion for all things Technology-related shines through. Her ability to communicate complex issues clearly to even the least savvy clients is an asset that can’t be underestimated. The knowledge Christina imparts leaves clients empowered and enthused about their own projects as well as technology in general. Highly recommend her services.” October 4, 2011


Ellie Caputo, Owner, Visual Perceptions Studio 18 Galleries

“I have known Christina for many years. I have had the pleasure to work with her in various ventures. Christina is a superb speaker. Her business sense is keen and insightful. She has a talent for internet marketing that boggles my mind. If you need to know how to get free websites, how to get in the top searches, if you would like to be self employed and you love the internet Christina is your gal. If you need motivation, if your business needs a boost, if you aren’t sure which direction to go, Chris can help. Enthusiastic, smart, a marketing wizard, and one of the most positive women I know, Christina Peverill can change your direction in life or put you on the right path. Sincerely, Eleanor Caputo,”January 28, 2011



About Christina – Founder of IEA

 Christina Peverill Waterloo Days 2011

Founder of Internet Education Alliance

Welcome to my passion and project Internet Education Alliance.

My online resume can be found at LinkedIn 

My Google+ profile is representative for my love for all things #geek

I believe strongly you should not post anything you want to be private on the internet. Period.
Therefore, my Facebook is public. Friend me!

I Tweet as @GoogleJuice and as @InternetEA


I speak #geek. I translate #geek into everyday English. I’m a serial entrepreneur with a strong love for capitalism.

My favorite place to be on the planet is the beach. Favorite beach – Three Tables, North Shore Oahu. Second favorite beach, Stinston Beach, Northern California

My favorite work – Presenting. Some call it Public speaking, or even motivational speaking. For me, its always the pure joy of sharing information and watching the light bulb come on!

I am the proud parent of 2 amazing kids; #geeks in training. Their entire lives will be recorded and archived on the web. Scary thought…

I love coffee. Ravens. Waves. Motorcycles. BMX bicycles. Motorcross. Skateboards. Punk Rock. Steak. Stella Artois.

I read incessantly. My favorite way to fill my head? Alltop! 

Internet Education Alliance is the culmination of 13 years Internet infatuation. In 1999, I sold my first item on Craiglist. I was able to stay home with both my daughters from birth to 1 year old selling on eBay.  In 2001, I wrote and produced my first CD “How to sell on eBay”. In 2002 as the Mailorder Manager for Temecula Motorsports, my personal sales were over $60K a month. I sold more parts than any salesperson did in actual motorcycles.  In 2006, I had over 5000 items listed online, and was selling over $4000 a month, for my now defunct company EveryMotorsports. In 2007, I sold radio advertising. I was/am absolutely passionate about measurement of effectiveness of any marketing campaign. I became a Certified Digital Marketing Consultant.

Every day, I read news articles and see on the news another story of irresponsible internet and mobile behavior. Internet Education Alliance is dedicated to increasing knowledge of how the Internet actually functions and saves (archives) all posts, images and search. The more we know, the better our choices can be.

Please reach out and connect with me and Internet Education Alliance. I am always open to suggestions, new information, partners, clients and friends!


Think Before You Post.

Curriculum explained in one sentence:


Curriculum explained out….

IEA is committed to increasing understanding and awareness of Internet technology, safe and appropriate behavior online.

The Internet has a permanent memory. There is no erase button. My vision for the Internet Education Alliance is a continuing education program for schools, educators and parents, explaining the basics of personal branding, safety and privacy online. By understanding how and why demographic targeting works (ie. Facebook ads) and how and why geo-location targeting works, an individual can make an educated decision on how to behave online. I am committed to increasing the understanding that there is NO PRIVACY online. How you behave online should have the same integrity you have in public, in a job interview, in your grandmother’s living room.

The attention grabbing structure of my presentation is based heavily on real world examples of Internet success. It’s easy for a brain already open to new ideas, to also understand the consequences of negative behavior in that arena. For example, when I show a participant HOW certain companies and individuals have been very financially successful on the Internet, the participant (student, parent, corporate employee) is paying close attention to how to make money online. Once you desire the knowledge, the additional knowledge of how you are targeted, tracked and marketed to online is invaluable.

Bottom line, Think before you Post. Every word online is attached to your online identity, which is the digital age is more powerful and more permanent than your “real world” identity. You are who you say you are, online.

Make a difference

Internet Education Alliance

Reach out to us with a testimonial, a story, a question or a suggestion. Post your support to our Facebook wall. Mention us on Twitter. Recommend us to a friend. Share our link on your Facebook wall.

If you are a parent, mention our organization and presentations to your school administration. We speak to students, teachers and administrators FREE of charge, with our corporate sponsored model.

If you are a business owner who wants to understand how a website works, how it can be measured, how to manage your own web presence, give me a call! If you want to utilize the power of Google tools, Gmail, Google calendar, Google docs, Google+, etc, contact us to make an appointment for training.

Internet Education Alliance will grow and be successful with your support and participation. Get involved today!





Daily Internet Education News


Internet Education AllianceInternet Education Alliance is dedicated to increasing awareness and responsibility online. If you want to  stay on top of the latest in Internet news, Like our Facebook page and watch our Twitter feed. We post the best news articles, blog posts and images related to current trends in:

Internet Marketing

Behavioral Targeting 

Data Mining



Codes of Conduct Online and Social Media Policy 

Privacy and Legal Responsibility 



We also recommend books and resources,  both on and offline. Stop by and connect with us!


Permanent Memory

The Internet has a permanent memory. There is no erase button. Think before you post. You are responsible for your online reputation.

My vision for the Internet Education Alliance is a continuing education program for schools, educators, parents and business owners explaining the basics of personal branding, safety and privacy online. Parents want to know more about how to participate in and monitor the online lives of our children. Schools are being held responsible for what their students search, share and post.

The more we know, the better decisions we can make. Every day, I speak to another individual who does not understand how the information we voluntarily put on our Social Networks is being utilized to tailor the ads and online interaction with brands. Every day, I speak to someone who “demands” greater “privacy” online. It is imperative we all understand there is no privacy online. If you post it, it is saved and archived in places you can never erase.

If you want to learn more and share our message with your business, non-profit organization or school, please contact IEA today.



Internet Education Alliance Portfolio


Home Interiors Furniture store Cedar Falls Old Website Screenshot                                      Home Interiors Store Cedar Falls Iowa New Website Screenshot

 Screenshot of Old Website – Home Interiors              Home Interiors Store – New Website Created by IEA

“We hired Christina of Internet Education Alliance to build us a new, more modern, website that we could update ourselves. Christina did that and much more! Our Facebook page has doubled in “likes”, our Local Search is highly effective, our Google Places analytics shows us how many people are using maps to find our showroom – invaluable location information we use when determining our other marketing. She helps us “blog”. She built us QR codes for our website, our Facebook page and our business cards! Christina comes to us to update our site and train us. Her prices are reasonable and her work ethic and integrity is unmatched in the tech world. With Christina and IEA, we have no fear of new technology! We always know who to ask and she is patient and understanding until we feel confident we can do it ourselves!”  Nancy Meinders – Owner, Home Interiors Store, Cedar Falls, Iowa.



Screenshots of – A Resume/CV website. Domain, Hosting, and Website Built by IEA 

Headshots provided by 

 “I hired Christina to help me build a creative website where I could display my resume and other additional information. I knew I wanted to have my resume available as a downloadable PDF; to have my own email domain; and to have a sleek and trendy look that would be easily navigable by the user. Christina did all of that and more. The site looks wonderful but the best part is the use of webpage analytics. With the analytics, I am able to see where my traffic is coming from, how long they are on my site, who the service provider is and which city the user logged on from, among a lot of other things. In some cases, I can see which companies are looking at my site before they even call me for an interview! Thanks, Christina!” Kyle Clabby – Starbucks Store Manager


Doughy Joey's Chicago New York Style Peetza Old Website Screenshot                        Doughy Joey's Peetza Joynt New Website Screenshot Waterloo Cedar Falls Iowa

 Screenshot of Old Website – Doughy Joey’s          Screenshot of New Doughy Joeys Website Created by IEA



Screenshot of Blog page –         Screenshot of Jewelry Gallery –  – New Website built by IEA




Screenshot of Click by Kate – Training and Theme set up by IEA

Christina’s work for my company has literally changed the way I do business. She has given me the tools that have set me up for success and she has consistently gone above and beyond with her approach to customer service. My website is far superior to what I had ever even dreamed it could be, thanks to IEA. Kate Elliott, Photographer



The Tony D Connection - Let's Get Connected! Website by IEA

 Screenshot of The Tony D Connection – Created by IEA 


Chad Jordan Design Screenshot

Screenshot of Chad Jordan Design – Training provided by IEA


Brazilian 2wins Website Iowa

Screenshot of Brazilian 2wins Website – Training provided by IEA 

“I had a rough idea how websites work but had no idea where to start! Christina cut out all the fluff and introduced me to specific, easy-to-use tools that are now making me more money. She taught me how to design, implement and track my internet marketing. In the age where the majority of customers are online, having a solid internet presence is a MUST.” TC VanHooreweghe – Band Manager



Screenshot of D & D Tire Iowa – Training by IEA 

Screenshot of Totally Teddy Bruns – Website, Domain and Hosting by IEA

(Website in a Week Promotion)


Screenshot of Maverick Motorcycle Repair – Website, Domain and Hosting by IEA

(Website in a Week Promotion) 


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